This thing is as slow as the karts in Super Mario Kart for the SNES but I’m sure Leonardo thinks he is going as fast as the anti-gravity karts of MK8 triggering a spin boost everytime he bumps into a coner of a gate or wall.

A perfect day to “Mario Kart”.

Back to school night, he had to figure out a math word problem, write the sum and number sentence, and show two ways how he solved the problem and then explain it to the students and their parents. I would never have that courage at his age to stand up there and be that calm. I didn’t even want to be the parent to hold up his work for him to copy it to the whiteboard, haha. I just sit quietly and blend in the background being a creeper taking a pic.

They are inseparable, i’ve never seen such a sweet overprotective motherly cat.

Had my morning cup of tea with this little dude that stayed home today.

When in Rosemead one must take advantage of all asian pastries. My fave was the taro loaf, white lotus pastry, blueberry n cream cheese pastry, and pineapple moon cake….ok I think I named all of them. (at Domies Bakery)

Now back to soccer