Second tooth fell off today, he was a little scared about this one because it was grossly hanging off his gums for the past three days.

Yesterday I worked on his halloween costume and he wanted to try the spray paint can. I only let him help me a little bit, because I didn’t want him breathing the chemicals but he did get a huge kick out of spraying the paint.

One month with this baby kitty who is now walking, clawing my fingers, weighs more, and is drinking waaay more milk. #hungrycat

Celebrating this lovely lady’s birthday today! My mother’s mother, my grandmother, and Leonardo’s great-grandmother.

Left: A 3 year old Leonardo and 2 month old JoJo.
Right: A 7 year old Leonardo and 4 year old JoJo.

Someone’s face is growing and morphing and changing and doing what a face does when it ages.

#mickeymouse sourdough-bread-mask

Leonardo & Leonardo